Extra Services & Rates

Our Services and rates.

Below are the standard rates of my services. If you have any question or special circumstances you wish to discuss , please feel free to email or call !



Fashion Shoots.

Photography and editing services to cover the demands of any market.

$700 for Lifestyle and Agency Testing ( 4 looks ).

Per Look Rates : Starting at $1500 for High Fashion and Editorial. $275 for Hair Styling and Makeup application. $250 for Wardrobe Styling.

These prices include 4-6 selects per look. Extra prints , and/or full session discs may be purchased separately. Digital Contact Sheets are available.


We offer professional high quality images of your companies products. Standard rates are listed below , but rates vary based on the job , so please email or call with full details , contact info , and someone will get in touch with you to go over your idea , and prepare you a quote.

Per Product Rate : Call to discuss your details please.

Editing Services.

Lumin8 Productions offers elite image editing services.

What is Image Editing ? What are the possibilities ?  This can be anything from removing a skin blemish ”like a scar or red marks” , adding some extra background details ”like clouds”, or even changing colors ”as in someones eyes, hair, or clothing“. The possibilities are pretty much endless, if you can think it, we can do it.

Per Image Rate : $250 for advanced image edits. $150 for basic image edits. $50 touch ups “first image”. $35 for each additional touch up on the same order.

Instructions for submitting your project :

To submit an image for editing , you may email all images to BLPphoto@yahoo.com. Please make sure to include detailed instructions of what you want manipulated , also mention the image number with each set of instructions to eliminate confusion. After your project is submitted we will estimate a price for you , and email you a quote. If you accept this quote , we will ask you to complete the order by submitting an “Image Release”. All submitted images will be subject to a ”Image Release” , which gives our edit team the proper rights to work on your project , and possibly a ” Photographer Release ” , which is an agreement from the photographer of the submitted images , giving us permission to edit images they still may own the rights too . Releases are contractual agreements that must be signed or agreed on through mail or email , and verified from the estimating Lumin8 team member before a project begins.

All final edits will be emailed as a reduced resolution proof image for your approval before finalizing your order . You are allowed to submit ”one” additional adjustment per image if the proof does not meet your expectations , and that adjustment will be made at our discretion. Any additional change orders beyond that may result in additional charges , but no work will be done until additional charges are approved by you. When the image/s are finalized , and approved , they will be sent to your email in full resolution.